Why a Strategic Plan is Important

Strategic Plan – As consultants, we work with a variety of businesses across a number of industries as well as non-profit entities. In reviewing the performance of these organizations. it is interesting to note that those businesses that perform at highest levels. Usually have some sort of formalized strategic plan in place and have implemented it well.

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Grilled Chicken Lintang-cheap but delicious

Indonesia is a wealth beyond compare, offering unforgettable gastronomic experiences for food lovers from all over the world. From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesian culinary delights present an enchanting uniqueness and diversity of flavours, reflecting the nation’s rich culture and history. In this article, we will dig deeper into the “culinary” phenomenon in Indonesia, understanding the cultural roots and wisdom behind … Read More

Human Resources: What Drives an Organization

human Resources – The field of Human Behavior Organization emphasizes the importance of human resources in any business organization. The business field offers too much focus on manpower development for it is the lifeblood of an existing industry.

Human resources are a vital component of any organization and play a crucial role in driving the success of the organization. There … Read More

Beyond the Human Resource Function: What Lies Ahead?

An increasingly common theme in Human Resource (HR) literature in the 1990’s concerns how the HR Department can make a greater contribution to the success of the business it serves. So we must first change our view of the Human Resource role as being only executable within a traditional “Department.” We must view HR more as a “function,” or “a … Read More

Business Traveller Trends In The Hands of The Millennials

According to the American Express Global Business Traveller Survey 2013 if you are a business traveller and you sat next to me on your next flight there is a one percent chance that you would engage me in conversation, so much for business going social! Whether you would want to engage me in conversation is another matter. But this article … Read More

The Fundamentals Of Planning Your Business Travel

Planning Your Business Travel – A well-defined travel policy is an important (and cost-effective) manner of effective travel management. A specified travel policy should outline clearly stipulated guidelines for all employees with regards to responsibilities and while traveling; travel arrangements and travel expenses.

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